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The Critter Café is a pretend play food truck "pulled" by a vintage garden tractor, with picnic-style seating and a small stage for impromptu performances. It was designed and built for the 2021-22 Fortlandia Exhibit at The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX. The Critter Café will be on display for public play dates through January 31st. Special thanks to Kate Painter (design assistant), Keith Whitsel (dad and installation/roofing help), and Khai Tran (graphic design for signage).

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  • Made from almost all reclaimed or salvaged materials

  • ​Design elements

    • Natural look cedar wood kitchen / prep area with sink. Can be hooked up to a hose for running water.​

    • Large accessible opening with ramp

    • Cute little blue screen door

    • A full supply of second hand cookware and serving ware

    • Custom made worktable and stool

    • Child-sized broom

    • Hand embroidered wall art

    • Light fixtures wired for Lumination nights

    • Multiple wall hooks and baskets for imaginative play

    • Chalkable menu board and hanging placards

    • "What do they eat" critter info cards

    • Juniper the squirrel (rooftop mascot)

    • Vintage garden tractor

    • Stage with play instruments: washboard, canjos (one string can guitar), and water wand "microphone"

    • Adult and child-sized picnic tables

  • Sizes

    • Trailer interior floor: 8' long x 6'6" wide x 5'3" ceiling height​

    • Trailer exterior: 9'6" long x 6'9" wide x 6'2" tall

    • Stage: 6'8" wide x 8' long

  • Located at the wildflower center until January 31st 2022​

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